The history of TMD Friction’s braking solutions date back to 1878. A chance encounter of two gentlemen, William Fenton and Walter Willson Cobbett led to the foundation of Walter Willson Cobbett Ltd., the predecessor of BBA Group.

Cobbett invented and manufactured a new type of woven belting for machinery by adapted it as a friction material enabling motor cars, among other vehicles, to be brought to a complete stop. In 1910 Cobbett supplied the Ford Model T – the most iconic car of the 20th century – with 400,000 feet of clutch linings a week.

In 1955, British racing driver Stirling Moss won his first British Formula One Grand Prix and his Mercedes-Benz W196 (Silver Arrow) was fitted with Textar brake linings.

In 1967 The London Underground chose Transport Brakes Ltd to meet their braking needs and requirements, a relationship still continuing today, with Cosid products from TMD Friction.

The birth of carbon ceramic disc brakes in 2000 saw the opportunity for TMD Friction to develop the first brake pad for this equipment. TMD Friction was invited to develop and manufacture the friction material for the fastest road vehicle, the Bugatti Veyron.

In 2011 Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. acquired TMD Friction in a friendly takeover with relations dating back to 1964. The combined friction business is the second largest division within Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.