Unsolicited Application

    If you are unable to find a suitable position in our database, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application.


    Do you still have questions about your application? You can find the right answers here.
    We are certain that this will help you find what you are looking for more easily.

    How current are the advertised job vacancies?

    To always offer you a current overview of our job offers, we endeavour to continually maintain our job portal. The job advertisements are deleted once the positions have been filled.

    Do I have to bear anything in mind when submitting an unsolicited application?

    If you are unable to find a suitable position in our database, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application. Please ensure that you submit an application for each of your preferred sites, stating your professional focus.

    When do I receive initial feedback?

    You will receive confirmation of receipt after submitting your application. You receive initial feedback after the careful inspection of your documents by our local HR department. Please understand that the inspection and evaluation takes some time.

    What happens to my personal data?

    When you apply for a position with us, the responsible HR staff members and decision-makers gain access to your data. We of course store your data only for the period of the application procedure.

    What happens during the application process?

    Have you found an interesting vacancy advertised at TMD Friction? Then please apply online with your detailed application documents.

    Once your application has been received, it is carefully checked by our HR department. If you impress us with your written application, it is passed on to the responsible department and you are invited to a personal meeting.

    Is it possible to complete a pupil internship at TMD Friction?

    Yes, pupil interns are also welcome. Applications for a pupil internship can be submitted as an unsolicited application, stating the preferred site.

    For what period of time are internships offered?

    Internships can differ in length depending on the department and field of activity. It is therefore important to state in your application, your preferred internship duration.

    Can I apply for several advertised internship places?

    Do you have various strengths and interests? Is there more than one job vacancy to which you are drawn? Naturally, you can apply for several advertised internship places. However, we ask that you write an individual cover letter for every position, showing your motivation for the role.

    Can I write my Bachelor or Master thesis at TMD Friction?

    Yes, we are generally happy to support you in writing your thesis. This is possible at TMD Friction as part of a student trainee role. However, you can also submit an unsolicited application, stating your desired topic.

    What documents should be included in my application?

    Your application documents are your business card! They give us an initial impression of you. To enable us to gain a comprehensive picture of you, we ask that you enclose the following documents:

    1. Cover letter
    2. CV
    3. Relevant references
      • Job and/or internship references
      • School/university certificates
      • Current transcript of results if studies have not yet been completed
    4. Where applicable, additional references and evidence of social involvement (if available)

    How do I write a CV?

    The chronological CV is the centrepiece of your application. It should therefore be

    • Clear and well-structured
      • Personal details/current contact details
      • Professional and academic career
      • Qualifications with information about marks
      • Knowledge and skills
    • In reverse chronological order (current job at the beginning)
    • Without any gaps in time (periods out of employment should be shown and explained)

    How do I write a cover letter?

    The cover letter is the creative part of your application, with which you give us an initial impression of yourself. Here you have the opportunity to impress us by showing why you want to be part of TMD Friction, and justify why you are the right person for the advertised position. Your cover letter should be brief and to the point, and not exceed one A4 side.

    In order to process your application in the best possible way, your cover letter should also include the following information:

    • Earliest possible start date
    • Where applicable, salary expectations
    • Site and preferred professional focus (for unsolicited applications)

    Tip: Always address your cover letter to the right contact person. You can find this person in the respective job advertisement.

    What file format should I choose for my documents?

    Please provide your documents in one of the following formats:

    • Images as JPG, JPEG, BMP, RAW, GIF, TIFF, PNG
    • Documents as PDF, DOC, DOCX

    Is there a maximum file size for my application documents (upload)?

    You have the possibility of uploading attachments. The file size is technically restricted to 5 MB per document. Are your documents larger? You can find free programs to compress PDF files on the Internet, e.g. using the keywords “online PDF convert”.