Nisshinbo to present new material for Light Commercial Vehicles & SUV

Leverkusen, 18. August 2020. TMD Friction introduces “Strong Ceramic” friction material with their Nisshinbo brand.

Nisshinbo is one of the largest OE suppliers to Asian vehicles and with Nisshinbo brake pads customers in the aftermarket benefit from this experience and quality.

Nisshinbo engineers have now developed an enhanced friction formulation. Strong Ceramic (SC) was developed especially for light commercial vehicles and heavy SUVs. These vehicles are mainly used in business environments, where heavier loads and higher mileage are standard.
Nisshinbo’s “Strong Ceramic” material exactly matches the braking requirements of these vehicles by providing the excellent comfort characteristics of the standard Nisshinbo friction material but with optimized wear characteristics.
The new material had to undergo a rigorous testing program: “The most critical driving condition is the downhill drive, which can lead to increased wear due to temperatures reaching up to 800°C on the brake disc. We have simulated exactly this situation on our dynamometers and achieved a 100% improvement with the ´Strong Ceramic´ friction material” explains Vincenzo Di Caro, Senior Manager Vehicle Program. This choice ensures a strong brake performance from the first stop combined with a confirmed superior endurance, making them the perfect choice for business fleets where downtime is a cost driver.

Nisshinbo SC will substitute the standard Nisshinbo material for light commercial vehicles and heavy SUV applications to ensure that all customers benefit from the advantages of the optimized friction material.

All Nisshinbo Strong Ceramic pads will show the “SC” in the article number on the packaging label.

Photo Caption: Nisshinbo presents: New material „Strong Ceramic” for Lightweight Commercial Vehicles and SUVs.
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