Together with vehicle and brake manufacturers, TMD Friction engineers develop and test brake friction products, which fulfill the highest requirements regarding comfort, performance and wear expectancy.

Our objective is not only to sell disc brake pads and drum brake linings – but also to develop the perfect technical solution for each respective application.

Our OE experience is such that we have been chosen to supply friction for the smallest cars, such as the Fiat 500, through to the world’s fastest and most powerful supercars, such as the Bugatti Veyron, as well as for truck, trailer, bus and coach applications. However, our expertise isn´t just restricted to public highways: we also put our knowledge and experience to the ultimate test by developing high performance friction for racing and motorsport as well as for industrial applications.

Resulting from the successful work in all these areas, TMD Friction is now supplying almost all vehicle and brake manufacturers in the world with brake pads and linings.

Part of TMD Friction’s business philosophy and a factor of the company’s success, is the close geographical proximity of its R&D centers to its customers.

Every year we invest 30 million Euros in research and development in order to be prepared for the requirements of the future.


At TMD we have been at the forefront of environmental protection within the industry for many years, focusing on ecological standards, energy reduction and recycling.

TMD Friction was instrumental in the development of a set of ecological and environmental classification standards for friction tables called the ‘ECO- Table’. Today, the table is a universally recognised standard; all of the products TMD Friction produces are in line with the environmental requirements, which are constantly being improved.

During the manufacturing process TMD Friction have developed links with simulation technologies to reduce energy wastage. These measures are a key part of achieving our long-term aim goal of reducing our energy consumption by 50%.

TMD Friction have also developed and patented a solution to recycle and reclaim used friction material to be re-used in new products. We believe that continuous improvements together with product and process innovations are key elements of our company’s culture and success.

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Since 1979, the µ-Symposium is one of the most important platforms in the brake world. Every year, a high-calibre panel of vehicle manufacturers, OEM’s, suppliers, universities and test laboratories meet to discuss challenges and opportunities of modern mobility.

Under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Mayer the programme offers visionary and technically challenging lectures which are intensively discussed during the symposium. At the same time, these lectures are the heart of the VDI-Fortschritt-Bericht which is published as part of the symposium.

Therefore, the µ-Symposium is a great collaboration between industry and science and – over the years – essentially contributed to more safety within the worldwide mobility sector. The µ-Club which is connected to the symposium consists of members who – with their performance, expertise and passion – always contributed to the development of brakes and modern mobility.