Risk & HSE is at the core of our business. All its aspects show in our products and embrace our employees, processes and communities in which we are located.


Today’s vehicles are equipped with numerous safety devises protecting people inside and outside the car. The car design includes ergonomic aspects for seating, active and passive safety devices including early warning systems and also embraces environmental issues in terms of emissions reduction. All aim at providing a safe, sustainable and efficient vehicle for millions of people. Our brake friction is also part of that complex system.

All aspects of Risk, Health, Safety and Environment are mirrored in our every day working life, our products and manufacturing processes. Our objective is to accomplish a safe, healthy, sustainable and efficient workplace for those working in or being affected by it; providing first class brake friction to customers around the world.

At TMD Friction we believe that a safety-relevant product should be produced in the safest way possible. The global Zero Accident Program (ZAP) is constantly promoting that idea.

Achieving this objective is an ongoing journey. At TMD Friction we are continuously striving to improve our Health and Safety performance as well as our environmental impact in whatever we do.

Each individual product leaving our premises is the result of successful teamwork across all our departments. At TMD Friction quality is more than fulfilling requirements; it is acting responsibly towards the millions of families around the world relying on the safety of our products.

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We consider our products and services as ‘best in class’ quality. Our attitude is not to take quality for granted. No matter in which function, country, site or business unit: all our employees aim to add more value, quality and pride to our products and services on a daily basis.

To us quality is more than the absence of a customer complaint or the conformity with a required standard. Our products guarantee safety with highest comfort to millions of families around the world.

Of course, all our locations are also certified according to latest industry standards. Our quality management system encompasses all divisions and processes within the company.

Worldwide, millions of people rely on our brake pads and linings for safe braking whilst travelling. Combining their safety with quality and comfort is our PASSION, since 1878.


TMD Friction Group has operations in twelve countries and has customers and suppliers in many other countries. Operating on a global scale brings extra responsibilities to ensure that we conduct our business in compliance with the laws and regulations of those countries as well as recognising and respecting the different cultural backgrounds of the many people we meet each day. We are committed to ensuring that our business practices are in line with the economic, legal and social expectations of the countries within which we do business.

The TMD Friction Group Code of Ethics meets these requirements, as it sets out for all employees, the general principles and obligations that we must meet for our company and the communities in which we do business. Our international Code of Ethics Hotline supports the application of our own standards and is available to any TMD Friction employee, as well as third party contractors, agents etc. working for TMD Friction Group.