TMD Friction CEO John Hudson appointed to the EuroBrake Advisory Board

TMD Friction CEO John Hudson appointed to the EuroBrake Advisory Board Leverkusen/Luxemburg, August 2017 – John Hudson, President & Chief Executive Officer of brake friction specialist TMD Friction Group, was appointed to the EuroBrake Advisory Board. Following his invitation John Hudson commented: “I am honored to be invited to support EuroBrake as a member of…

Extensive update of TMD Friction´s online catalogue „Brakebook“

Leverkusen, 6th June 2017. TMD Friction has expanded its online catalogue “Brakebook” with several useful functionalities in order to offer best possible support for automotive experts. After the renewal of Textar brake pad drawings for Brakebook at the beginning of the year, visually adapted brake disc drawings will also be available from now on.

Textar enhances Brakebook with new drawings

Luxembourg, Leverkusen, February 2017. Premium brakes brand, Textar, has enhanced its customers’ experience with the introduction of more than 900 new drawings in TMD Friction’s exclusive online catalogue system, Brakebook.

New in Textar range: ABS sensor checker

Luxembourg, Leverkusen, December 2016. As a signal transmitter for brake pressure regulation the ABS sensor is an important part of the anti-lock braking system. With the help of a sensor ring the ABS sensor measures the wheel speed which is very important in terms of driving safety. Hence, in case of a defect fast fault…