TMD Friction expands its Textar brake fluid portfolio

Leverkusen, 28thth July 2017. Textar introduces its new brake fluid DOT 5.1 and expands its comprehensive brake fluid portfolio. DOT 5.1 is like DOT 4LV and is especially developed for modern braking systems as they require brake fluids with low viscosity. The smaller construction of the hydro units automatically leads to narrow drills and canals. The brake fluid has to flow through thinner canals and simultaneously become faster due to the new electronic systems. DOT 4LV can be used for vehicles with ABS, ESP® or ASR because it reacts very quickly. Both brake fluids enable a fast pressure build-up and pressure reduction in accordance with the fast changing brake requirements. The newly launched DOT 5.1 has a higher wet boiling point and is especially suitable for heavy and high performance vehicles.

“DOT 4LV and now DOT 5.1 are both products which are especially developed for modern control systems like ABS, ESP® or ASR guaranteeing higher driver safety. A brake fluid with low viscosity significantly improves the response behavior of the brake especially with low temperature. In critical situations every tenth of a second can count in braking conditions”, emphasizes Patrick Bassiere, Category Manager at TMD Friction.

TMD Friction recommends changing brake fluid should be done every two years or after the shortfall of the boiling point when checked using the correct tool. The exact boiling point can be easily identified with the help of the Textar brake fluid tester “TEX1000BF T”. Always take the manufacturer specifications into account when changing brake fluid.

Caption 1: Textar expands its brake fluid portfolio with DOT 5.1 which is especially developed for modern control systems.
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