As part of TMD Friction Group we enjoy the support and expertise of a global friction specialist. At the same time we have the required flexibility to respond very quickly to technical changes and requirements from our customers, who operate in the same spirit as we do as ‘Petrol Heads’. With race teams and drivers, we are working hard to develop the best performing friction material in any kind of motorsport, with the ultimate goal of winning races.

David Baines

TMD Friction Group CEO and President


Our racing division TMD Performance GmbH is building on 100+ years of experience in racing with brands such as Mintex and PAGID Racing which have unprecedented success on the track.

Under the PAGID Racing brand name, TMD Performance GmbH is, among others, producing brake pads for motorsport and high-performance purposes, all of them ‘Made in Germany’ at the factory in Essen. In the OE segment, renowned race car manufacturers are relying on PAGID Racing.

In the spare parts market, the brand ranks among the leading suppliers of demanding teams.

All over the world, partner and customer teams are celebrating major

achievements in racing and rallying: numerous world championship

titles, race wins and podium results were secured with

In historic motorsport, teams are also successful with PAGID Racing.

PAGID Racing brake performance.


Performance builds confidence! All over the world, numerous strong partners and teams successfully rely on PAGID Racing products. Together, we are working on the development of the best brake pad for every purpose: from sprint and endurance racing and single seaters to rallying and club-level competition. Find out more at: